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NTFs_aaajiao (2020-2021)

Encrypted zip file
Edition 1 + 1 AP

NTFs_aaajiao is an encrypted .ZIP file folder that contains four images. Freely available to download but locked and encrypted, only the collector who acquire’s the work through a NFT transaction will receive the password to unlock the folder’s contents. This password is aaajiao’s common password found in the Social Engineering data, i.e. the password that has been cracked publicly. The file icons themselves have been edited, with a superimposed self-portrait of the artist. With contents not visible to the public, the image of the ZIP folder in its finder window container is the only visual representation available.

Active online as a media artist, blogger, activist, and programmer, aaajiao is the virtual persona of Shanghai and Berlin artist, Xu Wenkai. aaajiao’s works are marked by a strong dystopian awareness, literati spirits and sophistication. Many of aaajiao’s works speak to new thinkings, controversies and phenomena around the Internet, with specific projects focusing on the processing of data, the blogsphere and China’s Great FireWall. The artist’s recent projects extend his practice to various disciplines (among them, architecture, topography, and design) to capture the pulse of the young generation consuming cyber technology and living in social media.

@aaajiao / @aaajiao / eventstructure.com

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Collector Receives:
-Encrypted zip file
-Additional Documentation
-Owner’s Rights and Obligations