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(Shamus Clisset)

Dead Dunk Reversal (2020)

Digital Image
Edition 1 + 1 AP

The B-Balls' turn, no longer the dunkee, finally the dunker. Making heads bounce. A computer-generated vision from the FakeShamus Expanded Universe.

Shamus Clisset works with 3D rendering, animation, and simulation. Combining a range of virtual styles, from hyper-real to hyper-fake, Clisset creates fantastic and impossible objects and environments that collide pop culture images, frontier iconography, vintage and contemporary Americana, and his own obscure lusts and obsessions. In his work themes of violence, manifest destiny, machismo, and apocalypse, are all refracted through the prism of mass media, creating a fractured, absurdist digital wasteland.

@fakeshamus / @shamebrain / fakeshamus.com

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