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Curated by Wade Wallerstein for TRANSFER, ERC-721 thoughtfully deployed by left.gallery

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Kim Laughton

Ascetic (2021)

Digital Image and Chain
Edition 1 + 1 AP

Ascetic is a 3D-modeled golden chain spelling out the titular word. Meaning abstention from all forms of indulgence, the work is a self-contained extension from a larger project called End Flower that was originally presented at a party in a club in Shanghai. Befitting the exhibition, this work represents a piece plucked from Laughton’s boisterous and bizarre universe that offers on-the-nose commentary on the profligacy of both new and traditional art marketplaces. In addition to the high-resolution image file of the work, the collector will also receive a physical ‘ascetic’ chain.

Kim Laughton is a British 3D artist and graphic designer based in Shanghai, China. In his work, Laughton explores the fringes of post-internet aesthetics, consumer culture, and themes of futurism and the pastoral. Most recently, he discusses the changing importance of social media platforms for artists, mindful procrastination, and the rapidly changing creative scene in China.

@kim_laughton / @kim_laughton / kimlaughton.com


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Download the JPEG

1.5 ETH

Collector Receives:
- Chain
- Owner’s Rights & Obligations