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Francoise Gamma

Transmeet (2020)

Animated .GIF
1280 x 960px (4:3) (1.9MB)
Edition 1 + 1 AP

Coming from Gamma’s series of animated pixel line-drawings, Transmeet is an animated gif that represents a meeting point. The work points to the mechanism of the Internet that allows users to connect with each other: the transmission of data. As we transmit our quantified selves across the fibre optic networks that scaffold the modern world, we meet and mingle somewhere in cyberspace or the cloud. In this way, sending, or giving oneself, is equivalent to being together.

Francoise Gamma is an artist and entity based in Barcelona who uses the Internet to draw animated, contorted and mutated bodies. Its work has appeared in Kanye West's blog, and in the American Fantasy Classics solo exhibition, as well on many other places of the www. Francoise is a member of the online art collective Computers Club.

@francoisegamma / @francoisegamma / francoisegamma.cat

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