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LaJuné McMillian

Self Portrait (2021)

Animated GIF
Edition 1 + 1 AP

An image produced from a 3D scan of the artist’s head. This work fits into McMillian’s wider practice of Black Movement, in which she aims to document, archive, and connect experiences and representations of Black bodies. The Black Movement Project is an online database of motion capture data from Black performers and Black character base models, which are currently underrepresented in available online databases. The project adopts narrative techniques that can be seen as both live formance and Web VR docuseries, showing how Black movement has been used as a tool for the preservation of Black culture as well as a vehicle for self-evolution. This portrait is just a small piece that points to the scope and richness of a much wider critical preservation of Blackness; which proudly demands abolition.

LaJuné McMillian is a New Media Artist, and Creative Technologist making art that integrates Performance, Virtual Reality, and Physical Computing to question current forms of communication. Through art that is abstracted from their personal experience, their work centers ideas of interconnection and experiencing life beyond the material world. McMillian’s art practice is part of their research centered around creating technology & media that are inherently intersectional, thereby allowing communities that have been ignored to have a space to be recognized, loved, accepted, and heard.

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