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Julieta Gil

Patriarchal Sculpture Pack (2021)

3D Model Pack
Edition 1 + 1 AP

Patriarchal Sculpture Pack consists of a collection of 3D scans that the artist has captured from around Mexico City over the past few years through the use of photogrammetry. The work is a ‘pack’ of classical sculptures from around the urban landscape that represent patriarchal constructs. These representations include hypersexualized female bodies, women depicted within unrealistic or misogynist myths, and men presented as heroes. Each scan is captured and resignified, using a methodology of iconoclasm as a way to break apart images and symbols. Patriarchal Sculpture Pack was created in homage to Mary Richardson, a suffragette who attacked Velazquez’s Rokeby Venus painting at the National Gallery in London in 1914.

Julieta Gil is a visual artist based in Mexico City. Her creative research incorporates three dimensional form. Whether it’s creating installation, sculpture, 3D renderings and animation, she works with computers as means to reflect on how we are altered by the digitization of our material existence. Through her work, she creates narratives that reflect upon institutional pasts, presents, and futures. She is currently interested in themes like feminism, subversive technologies, fiction and memory and how these can be used to resignify, reimagine and reshape our understanding of institutions, and monuments to be more precise.

@julietagilg / @julietagilg / julietagil.com


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This 3D sculpture pack is offered similar to the way 3D models are sold in online asset stores like TurboSquid or Kitbash 3D – the work is presented as a ‘pack’ or ‘collection’ with different visualizations of the geometric and three-dimensional properties of the sculptures.


Collector Receives:
- Folder of OBJ Files
- Archival Package
- Owner’s Right & Obligations