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Casey Kauffmann

Reality Once Removed (2021)

Digital Image
Edition 1 + 1 AP

The epic still image work Reality Once Removed presents almost like a narrative frieze on the side of a monument—it’s the kind of narrative representation of the aesthetics of contemporaneity that conjures musings on how anthropologists of the future will conceive of human culture. Taking central place in the mise en scéne is a series of portraits of Hannah Brown, The Bachelorette Season 16 star, scattered amongst meme-ified Real Housewife reactions, Marina Abramovic performance stills, and stock images that are just a few degrees away from zombie figuration. Brown has been captured in a full range of emotive television performances of her self, which in sum amount to a primetime portrait of American femininity.

Casey Kauffmann is an interdisciplinary artist whose digital and drawing practices address the contemporary performance of self as it relates to her experience of femme representation, social media, and reality television. Long form video, drawings, and screen installation works coalesce as a result of an intensive examination, deconstruction, and reappropriation of networked iconographies and identity formations. Many of Kauffmann’s works materialize as digital collage rooted in the net art process of online search, aggregation, and manipulation of ‘poor images.’ She sources her imagery from Tumblr and Google image searches, accumulating a collection of material culled from all corners of the internet that spans years of the artist’s life.

@uncannysfvalley / caseykauffmann.net


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