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Auriea Harvey

Stygian Hand (2021)

HTML Artwork with 3D Sculpture
Edition 1 + 1 AP

Auriea Harvey’s work is often about an engage with a particular story, in which the artist casts 3D scans of her body or others into characters. In Stygian Hand, Harvey depicts a first version digital sculpture from her series Finding the Eye, which retells the story of the Stygian Witches of Greek mythology. Named Deino, Enyo, and Pemphredo, these three sisters had but one eye and one tooth between them which they shared. Here the viewer finds the hand of a grotesque cthonic elder ossified to stone, holding a petrified eyeball.

Presented for display in this show as an interactive augmented reality web installation of a 3D sculpture, Stygian Hand is collectable as an expanded internet artwork via a standard artist website sales contract. Collector will be transfered the DNS registration for the online public artwork, and once acquired 100 limited printable editions of Stygian Hand will become available on Shapeways as an acessible artist multiple for apprecitaion.

Auriea Harvey is a 3D artist producing simulations and sculptures that bridge tangible and digital space. After plumbing the depths of net art and video games, she has now turned her attention to 3D modeling, printing, and mixed reality. Her work is presented as sculptures that blend digital and handmade production. She begins with 3D models, which are then produced as synthetic prints and blended with organic materials by hand. The sculptures are complemented by AR versions that defy reality, or placed in digital environments where they take on new life. Harvey is half of the artist duo Entropy8Zuper!/Tale of Tales/Song of Songs, known for their pioneering works in Internet art, video games, and XR.

@auriea.harvey.studio / @auriea / auriea.art


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Launch the Artwork

10 ETH

Collector Receives:
-Digital sculpture in .glb format
-Realtime 3D scene with custom environment map
-Domain name and HTML webpage
-AR filter for viewing the sculpture
-Owner’s Rights & Obligations