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Claudia Maté

Moody Vibes FHD (2021)

Single-channel Video with Audio
Duration 01:00 (Looped)
Edition 1 + 1 AP

In Moody Vibes FHD, Maté presents a stunning update to her classic piece Moody Vibes (2013) which uses _playGnd WebGL to create a swirling carousel of various emojis. As the new work carries on, layers and layers of stacked emojis pile on top of one another while a classic mobile phone ringtone plays in the background. In this version, the artist upgraders her toolkit and renders a stunning video that speaks to the pace of social acceleration at the height of Web 2.0, and the resulting mental dissonance caused by collapsing contexts, fleeting visual communication methodologies, and the jarring volume of content and comments that crack attention spans like eggs.

Claudia Maté lives and works in Paris. Mate blends the familiar with the odd, and the futuristic is bizarrely intertwined with strange retro tropes. She spans a large area of new media and online based works, across a variety of formats including programming, 3D, video, videogames, VR, GIFs and sound. Her immaculate attention to detail and carefully considered renderings have attracted a long list of famous clients like Gucci, Camper, Dazed and MTV. She fuses the internet and interactive 3D technology into an aesthetic that is non-ideological and defines a never-ending new aesthetic – into a surreal and pixelated world where anything is possible, and nothing is as it seems.

@claudiamate / _claudiamate / claudiamate.com


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