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Krist Wood

A Yearling Withdrawn (2015)

Digital Image
Edition 1 + 1 AP

A Yearling Withdrawn is a self-portrait that, like much of Wood’s work, finds its primary setting on the artist’s personal website which itself serves as a larger experiential web work. The casual visitor to Wood’s site has likely never navigated to this work, which requires an in-depth exploration into minute details of the HTML environment. In fact, to find the portrait, the visitor must first locate a link hidden in an image of a sleeping yearling fawn. Originally shown on Computers Club, the work represents an earlier era of the net, when deep webpage spelunking was normal and websites were created as ever-unfolding experiences.

Krist Wood holds a fascination for networks, systems of information, and the storage and loss of data. Dreamscapes are distinctive of his work. Krist Wood believes sleep to be an ideal moment for recollecting memories. He uses these either vivid projections or blurred images of past events, often referring to a specific space with identifiable, visual elements like colours, contours, surfaces or atmosphere. Krist Wood merges these visions with the mass imagery available on the internet, looking for visuals that feature similar qualities as his visions. The resulting collages mix fantasy and reality, while presenting ethereal, otherworldly views of places.

@krist_wood / @kristwood / kristwood.com

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