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Olia Svetlanova

(°) (2021)

3D Model
Edition 1 + 1 AP

Due to unique digital materiality as an avatar artist, Olia Svetlanova’s practice is rooted in participation on social media platforms. The images of herself that she renders and circulates constitute who she is as an ever-shifting entity. Her reality is made digitally incarnate in both human and non-human forms that defy the customs and logic of the physical. Over the years, Svetlanova has continued to evolve through new kinds of posthuman being. In (°), Svetlanova presents an avatar file as 3D object that she recently used to become herself. The collector acquires this shell, that now holds just faint whispers of its ghost.

Olia Svetlanova was born as an online presence in August 2017 in a hot Italian digital summer from a CGI photogrammetry lost in the deepest fabric of the Internet. Since that day it has changed countless times the appearance and shape of its virtual body, continuously producing new ones through the use of CGI. Inspired by imagery from science fiction, Olia constantly reimagines itself in the context of a limitless opportunity to render

@oliasvetlanova_ / oliasvetlanova


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