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Serwah Attafuah

Galileo’s Gaze (2018)

Digital Image
4300 x 6063 pixels
Edition 1 + 1 AP

Made at a turning point in the artist’s life, Galileo’s Gaze is an allegory for Attafuah’s coming of age. Rooted by the paradoxical of images of chains--evoking oppression, control, and restriction--and a golden eagle flying high above a winged figure--evoking freedom, emancipation, and flight--the work transfigures the artist’s ambiguous state of mind as she enters adulthood and comes to terms with her own dualistic and multi-racial identity. While chains still ensnare the central figure and the crowd of bodies beneath her, all eyes gaze ever-upwards, brandishing weapons like trophies, defiant to be caged or compressed, ready to pull the trigger.

Serwah Attafuah is a 3D artist and musician based in West Sydney, Australia. She creates surreal cyber wastelands and afro-futuristic reflections of self with strong ancestral themes. Serwah's work has been commissioned by clients including Nike, Adobe, Warner Music, and Young Stoner Life Records.

@wrath_____ / @serwah_attafuah / serwah.xyz

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