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Kumbirai Makumbe

The Gate (2020)

Silver Glazed Ceramic Sculpture and 3D Model

Edition 1 + 1 AP

The Gate is Kumbirai’s second born. They’re a threshold, a portal even, both literally and metaphorically inspired by threshold concepts. They also exist both Materially/physically and digitally. A threshold concept can be considered to be like a portal, opening up a new and previously inaccessible way of thinking about something. It represents a transformed way of understanding, or interpreting, or viewing something without which the individual cannot progress.

Kumbirai Makumbe is an artist & designer who has a keen interest in curatorial methodologies. They are situation dependant, transform and metamorphose to ceaselessly take on various forms and manoeuvre through a diverse range of spaces. They take special interest in the materiality of digitally generated matter, the endless possibilities of their employability but also their ever-increasing capabilities for communication.They place significant effort into speculative explorations of alternative modes of being and thinking that could negate exclusionary acts and ideologies. Their work continually interrogates the multi-dimensionality of blackness, exclusionary acts and notions of inclusion, ‘in-betweenness’ and ‘caring’.


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This is a hybrid digital / pysical artwork offered as unique edition. The Gate exists in many manifestions, and takes many forms in the artist's work.

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  5 ETH

Collector Receives:
- 3D Model
- 3D Printed Ceramic Sculpture with Silver Glaze
- Certificate of Authenticity
- Archival Package
- Owners Rights and Obligations