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Faith Holland

boobs.gif (2013)

Animated .GIF
720 x 480px
Edition 1 + 1 AP

Boobs.gif is a collage of moving breasts decontextualized from their networked origins on the Internet and composed as an animated GIF. Jiggling asynchronously, the dislocated boobs move with hypnotizing motions that draw the viewer in and make it difficult to look away. Presented in Pieces of Me within the context of the “Don’t look down / Don’t look back (Alarm Room)” -- a collection of works posed as cautionary tales for the future of digital art -- boobs.gif reminds that to stay slack-jawed and titillated by what we see on screen without reading between the Pornhub links can lead to disaster. If nothing else, the force of gravity upon the supple bosoms bouncing belligerently in boobs.gif make it crystal clear that what goes up must always come back down.

Faith Holland is an artist, curator, and educator whose multimedia practice focuses on gender, intimacy, and technology. Through works that reconfigure physical and embodied relationships to technologies, Holland uses equal measures of humor and tenderness. With collage employed as a main unifying tactic across media, Holland’s works materialize in sculpture, performance, video, animated .GIFs, and digital installation.

@asugarhigh / asugarhigh / faithholland.com


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