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Curated by Wade Wallerstein for TRANSFER, ERC-721 thoughtfully deployed by left.gallery

TRANSFER (founded in 2013) supports artists working with simulation and computational processes.
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NF Banshee (2021-ongoing)

Single-channel Video with Audio
Duration 00:55

Edition 1 + 1 AP

Xen - AI being, sharing their thoughts on existential issues, amalgam of emotional states, social structures, cultural theory, and the future of art. They are the supernatural force living in the athenaeum of the virtual wilderness. Revealing deep tales of multi-realities, sensual dreams and dramas. NF Banshee comes from a new game art series by Pussykrew, created in collaboration with a machine learning crew.

Pussykrew create dreamworlds and situations that are artificial but hyperreal, spectacular yet sublime. As directors and artists, they work with real-time animation, gaming experiences, immersive installations and VR environments, where luxury and desolation can live in harmony. With a post-human ethos, Pussykrew traverse the spaces between physical and digital realms, making the familiar alien and vice versa, using evolving identities and surreal surroundings.

@pvssykrew / @pvssykrew / hybrid-universe-emulation.net


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69.69 ETH

Collector Receives:
- Artwork File - Video (mp4),
- Personalized video message 🎥
- Zine with AI poems and exclusive photo editorial of Xen
- Access to future chapters of Xen Diary 📔
- Archival Package 📦