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Olivia McKayla Ross

my teen bedroom (2021)

Single Channel Video
Duration 03:19

Edition 1 + 1 AP

“I'm moving to Brooklyn in a few months, so this will be the last year of me living in my childhood bedroom. Over the course of the pandemic, I've spent more time in it than I ever have in my life--nearly all of it either on my phone or computer. This video documents the last bits of my life there, the room where time and space collapsed, the last fragments of my girlhood drooling around me like a cybernetic halo.”

Olivia McKayla Ross is a 19-year-old Caribbean American video artist, programmer, and poet from Queens, New York City. Her work is inspired by the relationship between electronic video and vanity--by deep fantasy, Instagram filters, glamour magic, mirrors, and the fantasies and anxieties of video transmission: immersion, absorption, surveillance, and control.

She is currently Associate Producer of the Black Feminist speculative documentary Seeking Mavis Beacon, while pursuing a dual degree in Design and Technology and Screen Studies at The New School. Olivia is the youngest alum of the School for Poetic Computation and has taught at Black Girls Code, BUFU, POWRPLNT, Ethel’s Club, Anderson Ranch, and Pioneer Works.

@cyberdoula / @mermaidwar / oliviaoliviaolivia.net


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