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Wisdoms for Love 3.0 (Metaverse: We Are At The End Of Something) (2019)

In collaboration with OBSO1337 + RYAN VAUTIER + SAKEEMA CROOK + KHIDJA

Web-based video game with unique 3D tokens

Edition 1 + 1 AP

Wisdoms for Love 3.0 is a web-based video game by Keiken from a larger world-building project titled Metaverse: We Are At The End Of Something. Developed in collaboration with obso1337 and rendered with Ryan Vautier, this interactive work features mocap performance by Sakeema Crook and sound design by Khidja. Rooted in a decision-making based gameplay,the player uses wisdom tokens (of which there are 100 in total) to help navigate to Love 3.0. The game explores the bubbled-up feelings, compressed consciousness, and fervent beliefs of the contemporary moment, where the desire for change and a more equitable and decentralized future is collectively being challenged. This piece asks: What wisdom do we need to get to Love 3.0 not just Web 3.0? What kind of decentralized systems do we want in our base reality (the Earth), and the metaverse? And how do we access global kin-making for the future of humanity?

Keiken, meaning “experience” in Japanese, is a cross-dimensional collaborative practice based in London and Berlin and founded in 2015 by artists Tanya Cruz, Hana Omori and Isabel Ramos; they frequently work with many other collaborators. Through moving-image, new media installation, virtual/augmented reality and gamified performance they test-drive impending futures in the realms of the physical and digital - phygital.

@_keiken_ / _keiken_ / ourmetaverse.live


Over the course of the exhibition, each of the 100 tokens found within Wisdoms for Love 3.0 will become available for purchase as NFTs via left.gallery. Each will be released on a rolling basis, on a first-come-first-served basis. Whilst the value-holding NFT for each token will be minted on a 1 + 1AP basis only, free downloads of all of the tokens will be available to players who discover them in-world. Each free token download will be accompanied by a moral contract that details care and conservation guidelines, as well as exhibition and use rights of the collector.

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Launch the Artwork

10 ETH

Collector Receives:
-3D Models
-HD Video with Audio
-Domain name and web-based HTML game
-Archival Package -Owner’s Rights & Obligations