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Sara Ludy

201811182134 (2018)

Single-channel Video with Audio
Duration 00:25

Edition 1 + 1 AP

This work deliberately has no description, in order that the text not confine it. Sara Ludy’s practice nurtures a habitual attempt to dissolve the constrictions that human perception of spacetime binds her work. Ludy wants her work to be free; encountered for just what it is; at the fundamental level of being and experience where there are moments without hierarchy or judgement.

This work was intentionally chosen for Pieces of Me. It points to and disrupts the ubiquitous imagery of slick 3D rotating renders that occupy much of the global NFT marketplace. The piece initially presents a virtual space with rotating objects, hypnotically pulling the viewer in before the camera is readjusted, disrupting the scene’s performance and becoming a genuine, everyday, unperformed moment. 201811182134 is the beginning of a new body of work, which will unfold organically over time.

Ludy set an example for artist and arts worker advocacy when she was one of the first artists to negotiate terms with her gallery to share NFT sales evenly amongst gallery workers.

Sara Ludy is an American artist working in a wide range of media through an interdisciplinary practice. Hybrid forms emerge from the confluence of the everyday and the unconscious; reflecting an uncanny presence that questions our relationship to immateriality and space. Her work probes into the nature of being and the (im)materiality of things, how space/time/experience is a material that humans occupy, perceive, and participate in, and how everything exists simultaneously as quantum information, energy, and the representations we ascribe.

@saraludy / @sara_ludy / saraludy.com

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