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Travess Smalley

Succulents in Early Spring, Kalanchoe Waldheimii (2013)

Digital Image
9426 x 12646 pixels (341MB)
Edition 1 + 1 AP

In Succulents in Early Spring, Kalanchoe Waldheimii, Smalley hypermediates a singular moment in time by using digital editing techniques to process, compress, transform, extract, and dilate a digital photograph. The image object that was originally printed at a Walgreens is transformed through Smalley’s practice of Photoshop painting. This painting, an abstraction of the original digital photograph, was printed out, rescanned, and color-corrected a number of times. The resulting artwork, an expanded media artifact whose pixels burst web-browser windows at the seams, makes visible the unique visual logic of contemporary imaging software and the specific affordances of a liminal materiality. This work is meant to be downloaded and inspected closely at fullscreen.

Travess Smalley is an artist working with computation to make generative image systems. He is interested in painting software, computer graphics, digital image-making, and drawing. He is currently teaching and studying towards a MFA in Digital + Media at Rhode Island School of Design.

@travess / @travess / travesssmalley.com

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