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Zach Blas

Lizard King #3 (2019)

Digital Image

Edition 1 + 1 AP

AI Lizard King #3 is an image of a 3D-rendered artificial intelligence lizard. The image comes from Blas’s work The Doors, a multimedia installation exploring psychedelia, drug use, and artificial intelligence; and, the first installment in a trilogy of queer science fiction works that take on the fantasies, beliefs, and Californian histories that influence SIlicon Valley and the tech industry today.

The Doors envisions a psychedelic trip on nootropics, alluding to a constellation of Californian drug references including Aldous Huxley’s writing on LSD and the 1960s rock band of the same name fronted by Jim Morrison, nicknamed ‘The Lizard King.’ CGI lizards modeled on the prehistoric Barbaturex morrisoni (named after Morrison) roam across a hexagonal formation of black mirror screens, a recasting of the doors of perception.

Zach Blas is an artist, filmmaker, and writer whose practice spans moving image, computation, theory, performance, and science fiction. Blas engages the materiality of digital technologies while also drawing out the philosophies and imaginaries lurking in artificial intelligence, biometric recognition, predictive policing, airport security, the internet, and biological warfare.

@zachblas / zachblas.info

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