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Curated by Wade Wallerstein for TRANSFER, ERC-721 thoughtfully deployed by left.gallery

TRANSFER (founded in 2013) supports artists working with simulation and computational processes.
left.gallery (founded in 2015) produces and sells downloadable objects & file-based art works.

Mark Sabb & Devon Moore

Prometheus Bound (2019-2021)

Single-channel Video with Audio
Duration 00:24
1080 x 1080 Pixels (Square)
Edition 1 + 1 AP

In reference to Greek antiquity & aesthetics, Prometheus Bound depicts Prometheus -- Titan god of fire and sculptor of humanity -- in his punishment by Zeus as a result of stealing fire from the gods and releasing to humanity as a gift. A winged Hermes sits and points at Prometheus in his suffering, whilst a bald eagle picks at his ribcage. Serving as an allegory for the way that creative excellence is punished and exploited by capitalist interests, the work offers sharp critique of contemporary creative economies whilst glorifying the martyred heroes who bring fire to their communities.

Devon Moore aka Dev Moore is a net artist, curator, creative technologist, and member of the FELT collective. Dev’s work incorporates technology, modern-day youth experiences, personhood, music culture, and more all while referencing components of tech culture.

@devdmoore / @devdmoore / feltzine.us

Mark Sabb, aka Mark Digital, is a net artist, curator, and founder of the FELT collective. Mark’s work focuses on themes related to gangsta rap, black history and culture, and the youth-oriented energy of hip hop. From the initial founding of FELT Mark has infused politics and protest into his brand of internet art.

@markdigitalhd / @markdigitalhd / feltzine.us

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