Pieces of Me is an online exhibition of unique offerings from 50+ artists known for their explorations of identity, being, and phenomenology in digitally-mediated realities.


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Curated by Wade Wallerstein for TRANSFER, ERC-721 thoughtfully deployed by left.gallery

TRANSFER (founded in 2013) supports artists working with simulation and computational processes.
left.gallery (founded in 2015) produces and sells downloadable objects & file-based art works.


Pieces of Me is an online exhibition of personal offerings from 50+ artists known for their explorations of identity, being, and phenomenology in digitally-mediated realities. Presented by TRANSFER and left.gallery, this exhibition reflects on NFTs through a curatorial and technological framework that emphasizes the ethics of care, redistribution of wealth, and artist’s agency and rights.


50 artworks are installed in 8 thematic rooms containing a sentiment or idea that threads throughout the artworks: identity, resistance, desire, liminality, premonition, mysticism, beauty, hope.


All of the artworks in Pieces of Me are 1/1 offerings from the artists, carefully selected for this exhibition. We put art before NFTs – collectors have the choice of acquiring these artworks on-chain, or off.


Comissions from sales are pooled and redistributed to the entire group of exhibiting artists and knowledge workers who participated. The exhibition is backed by TRANSFER and left.gallery.

Curated by Wade Wallerstein, designed by Kelani Nichole, stewarded by Regina Harsanyi, minted by left.gallery.

Together, we made some improvements to NFTs:

Our NFTs provide rights to ”the Work” which consists of a number of assets – not just a single hashed file.

Why it matters: NFTs attach a certificate of authenticity (or ERC-721 smart contract) to a singular shallow asset, flattening digital art. Many artworks in this exhibition are hybrid digital/physical objects. Better standards are needed that tend to the depth and longevity of artworks.

Artists are encouraged to host a ‘digital twin’ of the NFT metadata file on their own webserver.

Why it matters: The simple act of upload is a declaration of intent in a new space, and a prototype of how a group of artists might authorize not just their work, but also their identity in this newly forming system.


We mint 1 + 1AP – passing one token to the collector’s wallet, and one token to the artist’s wallet.

Why it matters: Our artists hold an asset for their work, and retain equity in their in artwork's value in a tangible way.

We invest in time-based media conservation treatments before minting, and provide an archival package.

Why it matters: Archival package provides context and supports value – documenting the artist’s intent and carefully considered statements about how the work should be shown, cared for, and exchanged in the future.


Artist Resale Rights are aggressively staked in a volatile marketplace – our contracts set the intention for 50%

Why it matters: There is a long history of artists fighting for resale rights, and in this marketplace the mechanics exist to enact new values around an artist’s equity in their artwork beyond primary market sales.

Anyone can request a face-to-face tour with the gallery's directors inside our social online viewing room / video lounge. Documentation of the exhibition is available streaming as NFTV on YouTube.


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